Chester & District Bowling League

16th January 2024


Competition Rules

Note: Where reference is made to divisions, any reference to Div C will be redundant if the League has only two Divisions.

1. General

1.1 Only registered players shall take part in any League Competition.

1.2 The greens of all member Clubs shall, if required, be placed at the disposal of the League for a reasonable number of times during the season.

1.3 The BCGBA Dress Code shall apply in semi-final and final of the Eldridge Cup and in all rounds of the League Merit.

2. Eldridge Cup Rules

2.1 Green owners and Club committees are respectfully requested to keep their greens free on the dates allotted in the League programme for the 'Eldridge Cup' competition, and no practice will be allowed on chosen greens after venues have been published. This to apply to all rounds. The penalty for breach of this Rule shall be complete disqualification from the competition.

2.2 Teams shall consist of six (6) players selected from nine registered players.

2.2.1 Players participating in the Eldridge Cup Competition can only play for the team in which they are registered for League matches.

2.2.2 A player must have played 3 or more League games in the current season to be eligible to play in the quarter final onwards of the Eldridge Cup.

2.3 Each team in membership of the League shall enter at least one team in this competition. The League Match Rules concerning abandonment, postponement and protests shall apply.

2.4 The handicapping for the Eldridge Cup shall be based on the previous year’s League position with promoted and relegated clubs swapping places in the overall league position. Teams to have their final overall league position multiplied by a factor of 1 for 'A' Division teams, 1.25 for 'B' Division and 1.5 for other Divisions respectively, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

2.5 Handicapping shall be reviewed annually by the League Committee prior to the draw and adjusted if deemed necessary.

2.6 Previous season's winners shall be penalised minus 12 off the standard handicap and the losing finalists minus 6 off the standard handicap.

2.7 The winning Captain must ensure the result details are entered on the website within 24 hours of the match being completed. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of £5. The details should then be checked by the losing team within five days of the match being played.

2.8 Team representatives must report fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time, to enable the draw to be made and play to commence on time.

2.9 The Team Captain shall declare and draw six members of his registered team of nine, and nominate the remaining team members as reserves. Players will then be used in nominated order as in Rule 2.12 below.

2.10 The two Captains shall then toss to decide the allocation (odds / evens) of jacks, so that the competing teams shall have equal number or first leads of the jack.

2.11 To start the match, the first three blocks will take to the green. When all three games are concluded, the second three will commence.

2.12 Correct order of play must be adhered to at all times throughout the match. Penalty for any breach of the above will be a score of 21 - 0 against the offending team.

2.13 In the event of a tie on aggregate, the match shall be decided by three players from each team playing again in a games of up to 11. One quarter of the original handicap shall apply to these matches.

2.14 The first round of the competition will be based on “luck of the draw” – the first team out of the draw will have home advantage. Every other round after the completion of the first round will then be on neutral greens. For the first round only, the away team will have first throw of the jack.

For the semi-finals and final, a League Committee member will be appointed to oversee the draw and the Dress Code. The Club on whose green these matches are played will be requested to appoint two measurers.

2.15 In addition to the above, referees will be appointed for the Final.

2.16 Eldridge Cup finalists must declare their team 7 days prior to the final, to allow programmes to be printed.

2.17 Each competing team shall pay £6 to the host club for greenage, in all rounds up to the final. In the final, the League will pay the greenage.

2.18 If a team fails to fulfil a fixture, disciplinary action will be taken as defined in the League Constitution.


3. Chester League Merit (Ron Dawson Cup)

3.1 This is a knockout competition to decide who is League Merit Winner for the current year.

The League Merit shall be held on the FIRST Sunday in September.

This Competition will be controlled by the Competition Secretary, in liaison with the Club whose green has been chosen for the event. All games 21 up. Cash prizes will be awarded to the last 4 players (losing semi-finalists and finalists) left in the Competition. The winner will hold the Trophy until the next year's event. (See match Rules 6.9)

3.2 Entry is to be a nominee from each League team at the end of the season. It is mandatory for all teams to make a nomination for this competition, nominees must be sent to the Competition Secretary no later than seven (7) days after the last League fixture has been finalised.

3.2.1 If any team fails to send a representative to the League Merit Competition, they shall be liable for a fine of £10.

3.3 The draw for the competition will be made prior to the day of play.

3.4 Each competitor will receive a handicap as shown under 3.4.1; 3.4.2; 3.4.3; but with the following proviso :

The handicap allocated to a B or C Division player may be adjusted by the League Committee if they feel it is appropriate; (for example, taking into account the status of the player in another League). Home player/s to receive a handicap of minus 3.

3.4.1 'A' division players – scratch  /  Home players -3 on card

3.4.2 'B' division players - plus 2 on the card  /  Home players -1 on card

3.4.3 'C' division players - plus 4 on the card  /  Home players 1 on card

3.5 No Club shall host this competition more than once until each Club in membership of the League has had an opportunity to play host on one occasion. Preference will be given to Clubs outside of the immediate Chester area.

3.6 The previous year's winner is given an automatic place in the draw for the current year's tournament. 

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