Chester & District Bowling League

16th January 2024




1. Name and Affiliation

The name of the league shall be “The Chester & District Bowling League”, hereinafter referred to as the League.

The league shall be affiliated to the British Crown Green Bowling Association and the Cheshire County Bowling Association.


2. Objects

The objects of the League shall be :


3. Membership

3.1 Any bowling club within a fifteen mile radius of Chester Cross, shall be eligible to become a member of the league by submitting an application, duly proposed and seconded, to the League Secretary on or before December 1st in the year preceding the proposed membership.

3.2 To assist the Committee in its deliberations applications should be supported with a list of potential team members, this information will assist/enable the Committee to recommend to the AGM the entry Division for new applicants.

3.3 Any club or team wanting to resign from the League shall do so, in writing, and will be charged for any expenses incurred.

3.4 No club or team that has ceased to be a member of the League shall have any rights or interest in the property or funds of the League.

3.5 All teams shall be bound by this Constitution and the Rules of the League.


4. Subscriptions

4.1 All teams shall pay an annual fee, which will be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

4.2 League fees are due on 30th March each year.

4.3 Any team not having paid their fees to League will only receive half the normally due

points for each game (rounded down) until all the fees are paid.

5. Finance

5.1 All monies raised by or on behalf of the League shall be applied to further the objects of the League

5.2 The League Treasurer shall ensure that proper accounts are kept of the funds of the League.

5.3 The accounts shall be audited at least once a year by auditors appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

5.4 Audited statements of account shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

5.5 A firm of bankers shall be appointed and cheques and money transactions shall be countersigned by at least two officers of the League.


6. Officers

6.1 The Officers of the League shall be: -


6.2 All Officers must be registered with a League team.

6.3 The Officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, with the exception of the posts of Honorary Life Members, President, and Vice President which shall be for life.

6.4 If an officer elected at the Annual General Meeting ceases to hold office, the League Committee shall have power to elect a successor (if appropriate) until the next Annual General Meeting of the League.

6.5 To be eligible for nomination for a Vice Presidency the nominee must have served the League as an authorised team delegate and/or an Officer of the League for a minimum continuous (unbroken) period of twenty years. For nomination for Honorary Life Membership or President, the continuous period shall be twenty-five years,


7. League Committee

7.1 The League Committee will be the governing body of the League. It will consist of the following:

All committee members must be registered with a League team.

7.2 A committee meeting will require a quorum of 5 committee members

7.3 League Committee meetings will be called as and when required by the League Secretary, or in their absence by the Chairman.

8. General Meeting

8.1 The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held during January each year for the following purposes:-


8.2 Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given at least twenty-eight days before the date of the meeting, and shall require nominations for officers and other vacancies to be made, in writing, before November 1st. However, if no nomination for a particular office or vacancy is so received, nominations for that office or vacancy shall be accepted from the floor at the AGM.


8.3 Any team in membership of the League shall be entitled to submit nominations.


8.4 Where the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, voting shall be by ballot at the meeting.


8.5 Annual General Meeting Standing Orders

8.5.1 An agenda for the meeting shall be prepared by the League Secretary. This agenda shall be adhered to unless a proposition to suspend Standing Orders is made and carried.

8.5.2 Notices of motions for consideration at the AGM must be received, in writing, not later than 1st November to the League Secretary. The complete agenda will be circulated to all clubs at least 28 days prior to the AGM.

8.5.3 Each speaker shall rise to address the meeting via the Chair and shall be limited to speaking to 4 minutes. A member shall not speak twice on any resolution under discussion and shall not be allowed to introduce fresh matter. Asking or answering a question, strictly by permission of the Chairman, shall not be considered as a speech.

8.5.4 No proposal or amendment shall be discussed until it has been seconded. No second amendment or rider shall be voted on until after the first amendment has been disposed of.

8.5.5 Every proposition shall be determined by card vote for which the Chairman may appoint tellers as necessary, and matters determined by the voting requirements specified below (13.1 and 13.2).

8.5.6 In the event of a point of order being raised, the speaker shall resume his/her seat until the Chairman has given his decision.

8.5.7 The rulings of the Chairman shall be strictly obeyed. When the Chairman rises, any member then speaking shall resume his seat, but shall be allowed to continue after the Chairman has resumed his seat, subject to the time limit noted in 8.5.3 above. In the event of anything transpiring not provided for in these standing orders, the Chairman of the meeting shall use his discretion as to the best course of action in the interest of the League.

8.6 Any team failing to attend the Annual General Meeting shall pay a fine of £20 to the League.


8.7 An Extraordinary General Meeting of the League may be summoned at any time by the Chairman, or by not less than ten member clubs acting together, who shall send a written request to the League Secretary to convene such a meeting, giving reasons for the request


9. Voting at Meetings

9.1 At all meetings voting will be by "Voting Card" only and voting is restricted to one delegate per team in full membership of the League, together with members of the League Committee. Only the Chairman will have a second voting card, to be used in cases where the voting is declared equal.

Notwithstanding anything in this rule, no CLUB shall be permitted to cast more than 4 votes for any given motion.


10. Disciplinary – Harassment and Unacceptable Conduct.

The League shall endeavour to provide a safe and harassment free environment within its activities.

10.1 The League Committee shall investigate, in confidence, any reported harassment or unacceptable conduct in general. In particular, harassment of Officers with regard to decisions or policies implemented by such Officers or other designated persons is deemed to be completely unacceptable. In this context, “harassment” shall be defined as follows.

Comments or remarks which are gratuitously critical, insulting, humiliating, intimidating, innuendo or spreading malicious gossip.

Unacceptable conduct includes bullying in any form and or discrimination. These definitions are not exhaustive.

10.1.1 Any such incident (written or verbal) shall be reported to the Chairman or League Secretary in the first instance.

10.1.2 If the League Committee finds a case for action, it shall establish a Disciplinary Sub-committee.

10.1.3 The Disciplinary Sub-committee shall investigate the allegation as they see fit, giving due recognition to the requirements of natural justice. The member involved shall be given 7 days prior notice of any hearing, and must have the opportunity to present their version of the facts; the Committee shall have the power to require the attendance of any member, at any proceedings, who may be able to assist in its deliberations.

The Sub-committee shall report its findings in writing to the League Committee and make recommendations as to course of action or appropriate penalty. The League Committee cannot alter the findings presented to it, but may refer back if additional evidence is felt to be required.

10.1.4 Normally a penalty will involve suspension from a match or matches within the League, or a reprimand.

However, if the harassment is considered so serious, then the League may refer the matter to the Cheshire County Bowling Association Management Committee with a request for County wide suspension; in extreme cases, expulsion from the League may be considered.

10.1.5 A member under penalty shall have 7 days to appeal the decision from receipt of the penalty notice, to the League Commmittee, who will then refer back to the Sub-committee as above. Only one appeal will be permitted.



The League Committee may expel any team or player whose conduct has, in its judgement, been inconsistent with the objects of the League and goes significantly beyond any conduct referred to in 10.1. Before such power is exercised, seven days’ notice shall be given to the team or player concerned. The disciplinary procedure will be the generally the same as outlined in section 10.1.2/10.1.3 and an opportunity afforded of showing cause, before the League Committee, why the team or player should not be so dealt with.


11. Interpretation of Rules

11.1 The League Committee, shall have power to interpret these Rules if there should be any ambiguity concerning the interpretation of any Rule.

11.2 There shall be no appeal from decisions of the League Committee. Appeals can be made to the Cheshire County Bowling Association.

11.3 The League Committee may refer any matter to the Cheshire County Bowling Association.

11.4 The League Committee, shall have the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these Rules.


12. Alteration of Rules

12.1 Alterations and additions to the Constitution shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting and shall require the approval of not less than two thirds of the total votes cast.

12.2 Alterations and additions to Match and Competition Rules shall be decided by a simple majority and must only be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting.

12.3 Notice of any proposed alterations and/or additions must be submitted in writing, duly proposed and seconded, and delivered to the League Secretary not later than November 1st . Notice of the proposed alteration and/or addition to the Constitution and/or Rules shall be given to all member clubs of the League not later than 28 days before the date fixed for the meeting.



Chester & District

Bowling League

Affiliated to: BCGBA & CCBA

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