Chester & District Bowling League

16th January 2024


Match Rules


All games shall be played in accordance with both the laws of the game approved by the British Crown Green Bowling Association and the rules of the Cheshire County Bowling Association.

Standard jacks approved by the B C G B A, a 19 metre tape and a set of measures shall be provided by the home club for all League matches.

Note: In the following, references to Division C shall be ignored in the event of the League having 2 Divisions.


1. Teams

1.1 Competing teams to consist of ten players each.


2. Players

2.1 A list of all players to be registered shall be sent to the Fixture Secretary before the 1st April each season. Where a Club has more than one team, a separate registration form must be submitted for each team.

2.2 A player may be transferred to another team provided he/she has not played more than two matches for a team in the current season and the transfer is notified to the Fixture Secretary seven days before the match in which he/she is selected to play: only one transfer per player is permitted in one season.

2.3 The penalty for playing a banned, suspended or unregistered player will be a 2 point deduction for the offending team. The game in which the player took part will be awarded to the other team 21 - 0.


3. Play

3.1 All games shall be 21 up with 1 point being awarded for each individual winner, the team having the best aggregate receiving an additional 2 points. In the event of a tie on aggregate the 2 points for aggregate shall be shared, each team receiving 1 point.

3.2 Practice.

3.2.1 Members of the visiting team are allowed to practice on the home green for fifteen minutes prior to the commencement of play, during which period no home players will be allowed on the green. The visiting Captain (or acting Captain) may take their 15 minutes practice earlier or with their own team.

3.2.2 Other than this, no member of the visiting team shall play on the home green on the same day except in an organised competition at Club level or above. Penalty for breach of this rule is that the guilty player(s) involved is (are) not eligible to play in this particular match; also such player(s) cannot be replaced in said match.

Part 3.2.2 of this rule will not apply where two teams from the same Club use the same green.


3.3 The captains of the respective teams shall have exclusive control of the game, unless a referee has been appointed by the League.

3.4 Visiting team to have first throw of the jack.

3.5 Matches shall commence at 6:30 p.m. At this time both teams must have four players available for play and they shall be paired immediately. Each subsequent pair shall be drawn as soon as any one game on the green finishes. The score 21 - 0 shall be awarded for each player not available at these times, and captains are responsible for enforcing this Rule. (Please note that all games in April and August should start at 6:00pm or earlier if both teams agree on an earlier start).

3.6  Both captains are to meet 15 minutes before the start of a match, each with 10 cards with the name of a team player on each scorecard and the scorecards arranged according to their order of play.

The home captain should place the scorecards down on the table according to the order of play. The opposing captain should then cover each of the opponent’s scorecards again face down again according to the order of play.

Both captains should then complete the scorecards, by adding the opponent names to each card of a pair.


4. Match Dates and Results

4.1 Generally, matches must be played on the date specified on the results service website, although the fixture may be brought forward if mutually agreed and in which case the Fixture Secretary of the league must be notified by BOTH team officials in writing prior to the match being played.

4.2 In the event of adverse weather conditions, the home captain shall make the decision with regards to postponement of the match, and if possible, notify the away captain.

4.3 No postponement shall be allowed because of team difficulties. Adverse weather or death of a team member being the only acceptable reasons for postponement. In the event of such a postponement, the match must be played within 21 days of the original date of the fixture.

4.4 Failure to comply will result in the matches, being declared VOID with NO points being given to the defaulting team or teams. If a match is started but has to be abandoned because of bad weather or other unavoidable causes, all completed games shall stand. Where games are started but not finished, and where players are drawn but have not started, then the appropriate Law of British Crown Green Bowling Association Laws shall be implemented forthwith. When any match is postponed, the two captains concerned shall agree upon the re-arranged date and shall immediately send notification thereof in writing to the Fixture Secretary stating the reason for the postponement.

4.5 Home teams must ensure the result details are entered on the website within 24 hours of the match being completed. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of £5. The details should then be checked by the away team within five days of the match being played.

Clubs shall retain all the result cards for the home fixtures of all their teams until the end of the season. Result cards must clearly show individual player details which must include forenames and surnames for players of both teams, the correct associated scores and both Captains signatures.

Clubs must present result cards for verification within 72 hours of being called for by the Fixture Secretary or a League Officer.

Where a dispute arises and a result card is not provided for verification, the complainant shall have their complaint upheld, with no right of appeal being given to the home team.

A £5 fine may be incurred by either team named on a result card for failing to ensure player details are recorded accurately, and for failing to ensure the card is signed by their team captain. 

5. Disputes

5.1 Should there be a dispute or likelihood of a protest the captain concerned shall write the words 'under protest' on the Match Result Card after his signature. This Rule shall also apply to League Competitions.

5.2 Any protest arising out of League matches or competitions shall be referred to the League Committee, accompanied by a fee of £5 which will be returned on the protest being sustained. Notice of such protest to be made in writing within three days from the date of the match concerned, confirming protest made on Match Result Card. The Secretary of the offending club shall be notified of such protest by the League secretary.


6. Trophies, Awards, Promotion and Relegation

6.1 Retention Trophies will be awarded to the team securing the highest number of League points in each Division during the season.

6.2 In the event of a tie in the number of points, priority of position in the League tables will be decided on matches won then aggregate (points scored – points against).

6.3 Unless otherwise decided at the Annual General Meeting, the two teams with the highest and second highest number of League points in 'B' Division at the end of each season, shall take the places in 'A' Division of the two teams with the lowest and the next lowest number of points, who will be relegated to 'B' Division for the following season. However, in the event of the Divisions becoming unbalanced for any reason, the League Committee shall have the discretion to balance the Divisions as equally as possible, the higher number of teams to be in the higher Divisions. (this applies in relation to 6.4,6.5 similarly)

6.4 Similarly, the team with the highest number of league points in 'C' Division at the end of each season shall take the place in 'B' Division of the team with the lowest number of League points, who will be relegated to 'C' Division for the following season.

6.5 All new teams will be placed in the lowest Division, unless in the opinion of the League Committee there are valid reasons to do otherwise. It is the duty of the League Committee to investigate each application and recommend accordingly at the next AGM.

6.6 A cheque will be presented to the winners, runners-up and third placed teams of each Division.

A cheque shall be presented to the player in each Division securing the highest number or wins during the season (Divisional Performance Award), provided he/she has played in 75% of the matches. In the event of-a tie between two or more players on the number of matches won, the player with the best aggregate (points scored – points against) will be deemed the winner. Walk overs will not count in the calculation of this award.

6.7 An Under 20 Performance Award will be presented to the player in any Division, under the age of 20 years at the end of the scheduled League Season, securing the highest number of wins during the season; the conditions applying to the Division Performance Award shall apply.

6.9 Teams or individuals who win League-owned trophies, are solely responsible for care and safe custody of such trophies. Engraving should be dealt with by the winners, and invoices for same may be passed to the League Treasurer for payment. All such trophies, including loose plinths or bases must be returned in clean condition to the Competition Secretary at least seven days before they are required for presentation. Any repairs necessary, due to damage caused whilst in the custody of clubs/individuals, will be charged to the club/individual concerned.


7. Location of League Matches

7.1 Where a team uses premises with more than one undesignated Green, the home team must adopt the convention that the match be played on the Green on which the jacks are laid for practice. The home team therefore has the responsibility for ensuring the playability of the Green before laying out the jacks.


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